April Fools! - Woodbridge’s tide mill set to become first to grind coffee beans

PUBLISHED: 09:03 01 April 2019 | UPDATED: 12:11 01 April 2019

Scott Russell and Dan Tarrant-Willis are excited by the new partnership Picture: HANA DICKINSON

Scott Russell and Dan Tarrant-Willis are excited by the new partnership Picture: HANA DICKINSON


N.B. Sadly Woodbridge won’t be enjoying Tide Mill ground coffee any time soon! We hoped you enjoyed our little April Fools story.

The sweet scent of coffee is set to waft down the Deben as Woodbridge Tide Mill is to become the first tide mill in the world to grind coffee.

Following Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on greenhouse gases (grounds for emission reduction) the 800-year-old mill is harnessing the power of the tide to grind Paddy & Scott’s coffee in a move likely to percolate through to others. Major international coffee shop chains still use electricity to grind their beans but from, 1st April 2019, coffee drinkers will have an environmentally friendly option, made in Suffolk.

Woodbridge Tide Mill has already been given a Gold Suffolk Carbon Charter as it uses the tides on the river Deben to produce stoneground wholemeal flour in traditional and strong varieties.

It will now be joined by Paddy & Scott’s Coffee who will manage coffee production. Head Miller Dan Tarrant-Willis will work alongside Master Roaster and Bean Sommelier Barry Star.

Star will roast free-trade Arabica coffee beans using organic,fire-retardant charcoal on open racks in the wooden building from where they will be hoisted up to the stone floor for grinding.

Each time the Mill changes from grinding beans to grain it will, for a while, produce a flour/coffee hybrid which will be baked to produce a Suffolk Clencher – like the traditional Trencher but with more bite.

It is hoped that, with an onshore breeze, Woodbridge townsfolk will be frequently pulled by the aroma to local coffee shops for a taste of Woodbridge Tide Mill’s environmental coffee and cake.

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