Q and A: Steve Lemon from Woodbridge Tennis Club

PUBLISHED: 08:54 30 August 2018 | UPDATED: 08:54 30 August 2018

Steve Lemon, chair of Woodbridge Tennis Club Picture: STANLEY BASTON/WOODBRIDGE TENNIS CLUB

Steve Lemon, chair of Woodbridge Tennis Club Picture: STANLEY BASTON/WOODBRIDGE TENNIS CLUB


Steve Lemon talks to Enjoy Woodbridge More about the club and how you can get involved.

Steve Lemon down on court Picture: STANLEY BASTON/WOODBRIDGE TENNIS CLUBSteve Lemon down on court Picture: STANLEY BASTON/WOODBRIDGE TENNIS CLUB

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Steve Lemon and I am (slightly!) north of 60 years old. I moved to Woodbridge four and a half years ago and absolutely love it. If I have had a day in London, I find the last couple of minutes of the train journey back into Woodbridge most cathartic.

I have been a career procurement person and have worked in the UK, US, Germany and Belgium, mainly for blue-chip organisations such as Ford Motor, News International and Reuters. I do the odd bit of work now (some pro bono) to keep my hand in and keep au-fait with business life. It would be very easy to relax too much here!

What do you do at the tennis club?

I am the current Chair of the club. We have almost completed our new clubhouse and are close to agreeing a conversion of our grass area to an aesthetic garden. In recent months we have increased our marketing efforts to attract new members and enhance our profile in the community.

At present I play at the club about four times per week. We run five social sessions every week throughout the year so there is always an opportunity to get a game.

How long have you been there?

I joined the club around four years ago and it was great to meet many people from various areas in and around Woodbridge – we have members coming in from Felixstowe, Snape etc.. Members also have an abundance of backgrounds and experience – some of these are shared over a coffee on the terrace after a game.

When did you start playing tennis?

I have been playing since my teens. A friend at high school had a grass court in his back garden and I used to play daily during the summer holidays and most weekends. I also used to play quite a lot of squash, badminton and table tennis, but it’s mainly tennis nowadays.

What’s the best thing about playing the game?

It is a good general workout and you can play within your own abilities. Also the fresh, clean air (we are next to the river and many trees) is good for our health. You can also play to an advanced age. We have an active member who is 91 and many in their 70s and 80s.

How can other people get involved in the game and what do they need?

The annual subscription is £60 for juniors and £120 for adults. However, to encourage adults, we offer a 50% discount in the first year, so this equates to just £1.20/ week.

People can also sign-up for shorter periods and/or come along three or four times to play free of charge to see how they get on before joining. We also offer ‘pay & play’ tennis seven days a week via the Pavilion café, which is adjacent to the club. The café also loans rackets and balls if required.

We also provide coaching to all age groups on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. All the details can be found on our website - www.woodbridgetennis.org and I am more than happy to answer any questions and can be contacted directly by email at stevelemon1@live.co.uk or calling 07405 870187

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