Film Review: Men in Black: International

PUBLISHED: 13:00 19 June 2019 | UPDATED: 14:08 28 June 2019

Men in Black: International Picture 2019: IMDb

Men in Black: International Picture 2019: IMDb

Picture: IMDb

Mark Goodin assesses the latest instalment from the galaxy defenders dressed in black

With Men in Black 3 atoning for the second instalments many, many sins as well as neatly tying up the arcs of agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones), there seemed to be little necessity or demand for a fourth entry in the Men in Black franchise. Nevertheless, director F. Gary Gray has delivered a fun, serviceable sequel which sees rookie MIB agent M (Tessa Thompson) join forces with the highly decorated H (Chris Hemsworth) to prevent a super weapon from falling into the wrong hands, a quest complicated by the fact that there may be a mole amongst the Men in Black.

While hardly original or complex, the plot's true purpose is to send its stars on a globetrotting, action-packed adventure where coherence and narrative dexterity come second to fun.

Like its predecessors, the film fully embraces the daft tone of the series as H and M face-off against all manner of strange, delightfully odd beasts, including a sentient beard and Larry and Laurent Bourgeois' ostensibly villainous twins.

Hemsworth and Thompson prove to be fantastic company as the new leads of the franchise, sharing the same warm, sparky chemistry they did in Thor: Ragnarok and are lent fine support by Kumail Nanjiani's pint-sized alien Pawny and Liam Neeson's shifty, straight-faced head of MIB's London office, High T.

While Gray's film never quite overcomes its lack of invention and glaringly obvious reveals, it coasts by on the sheer charm and likeability of its stars.

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