Film Review: Sextuplets

PUBLISHED: 13:15 04 September 2019 | UPDATED: 13:15 04 September 2019

Netflix is now showing the new Marlon Wayans film, Sextuplets. Picture: IMDb

Netflix is now showing the new Marlon Wayans film, Sextuplets. Picture: IMDb


Here’s another review from Mark of the latest Netflix offering

We know Michael Tiddes' latest film is a comedy because of the incessantly annoying upbeat soundtrack that plays over almost every scene. It is important to remember this, as it is the only thing that indicates anything remotely amusing is taking place in this execrable comedy.

Marlon Wayans plays father-to-be Alan who, in an attempt to find out more about the mother (Also Wayans) who put him up for adoption, discovers he is one of sextuplets (all played by Wayans) and thus embarks on a road trip to connect with his long lost siblings.

Unlike other comedic actors who have played numerous characters in the same feature before, neither Wayans nor the director crafts characters that are as distinctive or memorable as those created by Jerry Lewis or Eddie Murphy (not to mention Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers). Instead we are offered a series of thinly drawn, screeching caricatures deployed throughout the film with wanton abandon in the hope that their intensely irritating presence will generate laughter; it doesn't.

Things are hardly helped by the astonishingly poor, ramshackle script which seems more interested in offering us tone deaf, humourless set-pieces - an awkward breastfeeding class and a bizarre interrogation scene are particularly poor sequences- than anything in the way of narrative cohesion.

The supporting cast does its best to enliven the material - Bresha Webb as Alan's wife Marie and Glynn Turman's gruff father-in-law Leland are charismatic presences - but are unable to breath life into this painfully unfunny comedy.

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