Film Review: Spiderman: Far From Home

PUBLISHED: 09:59 31 July 2019

Tom Holland returns as Spiderman with Zendaya Picture: IMDb

Tom Holland returns as Spiderman with Zendaya Picture: IMDb

Picture: IMDb

Peter Parker returns for the next instalment of the webbed crusader

After the intergalactic conflicts of Captain Marvel and the emotional, time-hopping highs of Avengers: Endgame one might wonder where the Marvel Cinematic Universe can go from here?

The answer, in John Watts' delightful Spiderman sequel, is Venice for starters.

Set soon after Thanos' defeat in Endgame the film finds Peter Parker/Spiderman (Tom Holland) hanging up the web shooters for the summer while he goes on a class trip to Europe.

Things are soon complicated, however, when a new otherworldly threat, the Elementals, appears and Peter is recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to save the day alongside new hero Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

As with Spiderman: Homecoming, Watts excels in interweaving the awkward trials and tribulations of adolescent life - Peter's awkward attempts to romance MJ (Zendaya) often go hilariously wrong - while also dealing with the emotional web-slinging travails of the titular hero.

Although the drama, while affecting and deeply funny, might initially feel a little repetitive things really pick up once Gyllenhaal's ostensible do-gooder enters the fold.

As Mysterio the actor is magnetic, delivering a complex, slippery iteration of the iconic character, particularly in the film's second half, where his mind-bending powers are responsible for some outstanding set-pieces - a trippy Berlin-set mission and the climactic last act on London Bridge are both standouts.

Holland is dependably great too, delivering an impressively nuanced performance.

Some flat recurring jokes and a predictable key reveal aside, Watts' film is a bright and immensely enjoyable blockbuster.

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