Anthony Horowitz shares his favourite Woodbridge walk

PUBLISHED: 13:13 19 November 2018 | UPDATED: 13:29 19 November 2018

Novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz Picture: GREGG BROWN

Novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz Picture: GREGG BROWN


Anthony Horowitz’s favourite walk is in Woodbridge - the author has revealed.

Mr Horowitz was in town last week to discuss his career and work in a talk organised by the Woodbridge Emporium.

When asked about his links with Woodbridge Mr Horowitz described the area as stunningly beautiful and spoke fondly of his favourite walk in and around the town which he takes with his dog.

“I am in Woodbridge often,” said Mr Horowitz, “my sister used to live here and I often walk around Woodbridge.”

“I’m not sure there is a lovelier walk in the world than through the river and parklands of Woodbridge and opposite Sutton Hoo and all that part of the world. It’s stunningly beautiful.”

The author, who owns a house in nearby Orford, said that one of his preferred routes takes him in and around Woodbridge and neighbouring Melton, leading him to one of his favourite local eateries.

“Often one of my favourite walks is to start in Melton to walk across to Woodbridge following the railway line and then I keep going and the path takes you all the way along the river and you can get right to the very end and you can loop round up I think Sandy Lane.

“You cut up the hill and on your right is that road that leads you up the hill that leads you back down the hill again and then turn left into Woodbridge round to Woodbridge high street.

“Then I stop somewhere, there’s an extremely good baker’s shop, one of the best in the country. Stop there for a sandwich and then back through the railway, down and back to Melton. That’s a two and a half hour circle that I am very fond of.”

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